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manacleman‧a‧cle /ˈmænəkəl/ noun [countable usually plural]  SCJan iron ring on a chain that is put around the wrist or ankle of a prisonermanacle verb [transitive]manacled adjective
Examples from the Corpus
manacleA manacle secures them to the Dubrovlag.His hands are on the table, but they are held together by manacles, to which a chain is attached.The character will find himself in manacles, but is allowed a test against S each Turn to free himself.As soon as the adventurers enter, two of the Skeletons will rip their rusty iron manacles out of the floor and attack.The place looked like a sort of jail With bars and bolts and horrid things Like manacles and iron rings.The soldiers were already putting manacles around Rachel's wrists.This time, however, the manacles aren't quite as firm as in the cellar.
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