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man‧age‧ment S1 W1
1 [uncountable]BBB the activity of controlling and organizing the work that a company or organization does
good/bad management
good management and co-operation with staff
a lack of management skills
a management consultant
management training courses
2 [singular, U also + plural verb British English]BBB the people who are in charge of a company or organization:
The management has agreed to the policy.
The shareholders demanded a change in management.
management decisions
senior/top management
It is difficult to retain top management.
a member of the senior management team
middle management (=the people in charge of small groups within an organization)
3 [uncountable] the way that people control and organize different situations that happen in their lives or their work
management of
careful management of the economy
traffic management
The successful applicant will have experience in project management.
courses in time management
crisis management (=when you deal with an unusually difficult or dangerous situation)

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