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management buyout

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmanagement buyoutˌmanagement ˈbuyout noun [countable]  BFSwhen a company’s managers buy the company they work for
Examples from the Corpus
management buyoutCaradon was floated in July 1987 with a market value of £134m following a £61m management buyout from Reed in 1985.Read in studio One of the oldest parts of Robert Maxwell's collapsed empire has been revived by a management buyout.Read in studio Workers at a piano factory threatened with closure have been demonstrating in support of a management buyout.During the 1980s, the phrases leveraged buyout and management buyout echoed all over Wall Street.In 1987, he organised a £57 million management buyout of Pontins, then owned by Bass.Evans was a product of another classic 1980s business - the management buyout.Mr Ethrington had no association with the management buyout team when he was advising the Government.
From Longman Business Dictionarymanagement buyoutˌmanagement ˈbuyout abbreviation MBOFINANCE when a company’s top managers buy the company they work forThe computer company is to be relaunched following a management buyout of its Dutch manufacturing plant. buyout
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