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managing director

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmanaging directorˌmanaging diˈrector noun [countable] British English  MANAGERsomeone who is in charge of a large company or organization syn chief executive officer
Examples from the Corpus
managing directorHis position will be general manager, retail, reporting direct to Dymocks' managing director Ken Terry.How do you feel about Dad appointing Guy managing director?Mark Hudson, managing director of Kable, agrees.Mr Stewart, managing director of Rogerson's Developments, faced no further charges and was released at that stage.Mr Giles is the managing director of Waterstones.The managing director shuffled some papers in front of him, then began.
From Longman Business Dictionarymanaging directorˌmanaging diˈrector abbreviation MDJOB the person in charge of the daily management of a company. The job is often combined with that of CHAIRMANthe chairman and managing director of PC World director
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