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manemane /meɪn/ noun [countable]  1 lion.jpg HBAthe long hair on the back of a horse’s neck, or around the face and neck of a lion2 literaryDC a person’s long thick hair her mane of hair
Examples from the Corpus
maneNot with a mane and all.There was nothing, in fact, plain about the old man with the craggy brows and mane of silver hair.Some men are all thumbs trying to style their faux manes, Sampson says.Behind the flying mane Elmer sits, leaning back, absolutely still.Perhaps the most impressive beast of all, is the Current Trends Lion with a heavy duty bicycle chain for its mane.She brushed her long hair into a shining mane and arranged it carefully around her shoulders.The males stay behind, for their showy manes would only disturb the hunt whose technique is stealth.Mrs Taxos spoke sharply and Meg scrambled all anyhow on to the warm fur back and gripped the springy mane.
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