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manganeseman‧ga‧nese /ˈmæŋɡəniːz/ noun [uncountable]  HCMTIa grey-white metal that breaks easily and is used to make steel and glass. It is a chemical element: symbol Mn
Examples from the Corpus
manganeseBut when a manganese plant south of the city closed, those levels dropped dramatically.Iron and manganese bicarbonates can be removed in the cold lime-soda treatment by pre-aeration, followed by precipitation as the insoluble hydroxides.High free lime content in soil restricts access to iron and, to a slightly lesser extent, manganese.After various experiments, an ingot was cast in August 1913, containing around 13 percent chromium with a little manganese.Some scientists are concerned about long-term exposure to low levels of manganese oxides from car exhaust fumes.When manganese is ingested, the liver determines how much of the metal the body needs.And unlike with manganese nodules, the technology to extract the sulphides is not available.
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