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mangroveman‧grove /ˈmæŋɡrəʊv $ -ɡroʊv/ noun [countable]  HBPa tropical tree that grows in or near water and grows new roots from its branches a mangrove swamp
Examples from the Corpus
mangroveAt one extreme are pure, natural ecosystems like an alpine meadow or a mangrove swamp.There are the giant mangrove forests at the mouth of the Ganges, where a few Bengal tigers still flourish.The outlook for this once beautiful natural coast, its mangroves and marine life looks bleak.Behind the mangroves lay low scrub, lagoons, and then narrow flats planted with sugar cane.When the tide goes out it leaves mud that the mangroves are trying to colonise.The mangrove forest in the region has already been reduced by half.Navigation here means island-hopping, sheltering from any sudden storms, and not losing sight of the shore, lined with mangroves.
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