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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmanhoodman‧hood /ˈmænhʊd/ noun  1 [uncountable]MAN qualities such as strength, courage, and sexual power, that people think a man should have Why did he feel he had to prove his manhood in the company of women?2 [uncountable]MAN the state of being a man and no longer a boywomanhoodreach/attain manhood He had barely reached manhood when he married.3 [uncountable] literarySAN all the men of a particular nation America’s manhood4 [singular] especially literaryHBH a penis
Examples from the Corpus
manhoodHe was an active if conventional soldier and citizen; and from early manhood he wrote plays.In all its specific expressions, manhood is made, not born.Constance, in a few words, had insulted his dignity, his pride, his sense of exclusiveness, his manhood.What have I got to say to a man whose idea of manhood is the same old sexist patriarchy?What is the true meaning of manhood?Many societies have a special ceremony when a boy has reached manhood.Texts put forth a gospel of real manhood and real womanhood.He had spent the years of his young manhood in this city while I was still going to cheder.
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