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manifestoman‧i‧fes‧to /ˌmænəˈfestəʊ $ -toʊ/ noun (plural manifestos) [countable]  PPPa written statement by a political party, saying what they believe in and what they intend to do the Labour Party’s election manifesto The Tories are due to publish their manifesto tomorrow.
Examples from the Corpus
manifestoWhat part of the 1987 manifesto is still in place?To have our position explained and clearly stated in the form of a manifesto would be very good indeed.the Communist manifestoWill the Government endorse that manifesto?The manifesto for the 1982 Assembly elections has fifteen paragraphs.It's not in their manifesto.Was it a Government commitment which was part of their manifesto?Two weeks before the deadline, the Conservatives published their manifesto.As the Tory manifesto boasts, there are 18 mini-charters, covering health, public transport, education, local government and so on.
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