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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmankindman‧kind /ˌmænˈkaɪnd/ ●●○ noun [uncountable]  PERSON/PEOPLEall humans considered as a group syn humankind, man, → womankind Since earliest times, mankind has been fascinated by fire. one of the most important events in the history of mankindTHESAURUSmankind/humankind people in general. Some people think that the word mankind seems to make women seem unimportant, and prefer to use humankind insteada scientific advance that has benefited mankindHe once said that the invention of television was the ‘greatest single disaster in the history of mankind’. the human race all the people in the world, considered as one groupThe entire human race could be wiped out by nuclear war.The majority of the human race will soon be living in big cities. humanity people in general – used especially when you are talking about caring for people and respecting their rights and their desire for happinessThe General was accused of committing crimes against humanity.They hope to achieve a better future for all humanity.man people in general – use this when you are comparing humans with other living things. Some people prefer not to not use man because they think it makes women seem unimportantJericho is the oldest continuously inhabited city known to man.The chimpanzee is man’s closest relative.
Examples from the Corpus
mankindIf the Earth's temperature rises, it will be a disaster for all mankind.One day she lifted the lid and out flew plagues innumerable, sorrow and mischief for mankind.The teachings of the Church brought nothing tangible for mankind.His deepest personal desire was to leave mankind the gift of peace.It is immoral and disturbs the harmony of mankind.Are they not bulletins on the nastiness of mankind?The whole progress of mankind ought to have consisted in this: the elimination of unnecessary work.Science and reason seem now to offer mankind more hope of happiness and a decrease in suffering than is offered in religions.the history of mankindIn this, Ancient Society resembled the other evolutionary schemes for the history of mankind which we have just noted.Not even a heartbeat in the history of mankind.This is because of their legitimate keenness to stress the presence of a communal principle in the history of mankind.The Kennedy-McNamara team had launched the greatest arms race in the history of mankind.Hobsbawm sees the main theme as a mapping of various alternative evolutionary routes in the history of mankind.The first stage in the history of mankind is one which is itself subdivided into three substages.It is one indication of why he has had such a unique influence on the history of mankind.
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