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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmannerman‧ner /ˈmænə $ -ər/ ●●● S3 W2 noun  1 [singular] formalWAY/MANNER the way in which something is done or happensmanner of (doing) something It seemed rather an odd manner of deciding things. He felt some guilt over the manner of her death.in a ... manner I had hoped you would behave in a more responsible manner. The issue will be resolved in a manner that is fair to both sides. criticism of the manner in which the bishop was appointedin the usual/normal etc manner The matter should be submitted to the accounts committee in the usual manner.RegisterIn everyday English, people usually say in a ... way rather than in a ... manner, or they use an adverb instead:They behaved in a very reasonable way.They behaved very reasonably.2 [singular]BEHAVE the way in which someone behaves towards or talks to other people She has a calm relaxed manner.manner towards Something in Beth’s manner towards him had changed. Sophie resented his high-handed manner.see thesaurus at behaviour3 manners4 manners5 in a manner of speaking6 all manner of something7 in the manner of somebody/something8 what manner of ...?9 not by any manner of means10 (as) to the manner born bedside mannerCOLLOCATIONSMeaning 3: verbshave good/bad mannersAll their children have such good manners.mind your manners (also remember your manners British English) (=used for telling a child to behave politely)I frowned at him and told him to mind his manners.have no manners (=regularly not behave politely)He has no manners and he eats like a pig.forget your manners (=behave in an impolite way)Oh, I’m forgetting my manners. Let me introduce you to Suzanne.teach somebody manners (=often used when criticizing someone’s impolite behaviour)Those girls need to be taught some manners!phrasesit’s good/bad manners to do somethingIt’s bad manners to chew with your mouth open.where are your manners? British English (=used for telling a child to stop behaving impolitely)Jamie! Where are your manners?ADJECTIVES/NOUN + mannersgood mannersGood manners could not prevent her from asking the question.bad mannersShe apologized for her son’s bad manners.excellent/beautiful manners (=very good manners)Her children have excellent manners.perfect/impeccable mannersSuddenly, his perfect manners were gone.nice manners (=good manners)She has such nice manners.table manners (=the polite way of eating at a table)My parents expected us to have good table manners.
Examples from the Corpus
mannerIf the state acts in a manner not designed to promote social solidarity then, Duguit argued, this must be resisted.Sarah frowned at the ardent manner of her sister but slowly followed her into the society.a young man with a slightly shy, awkward mannerWhat they are now doing is compromising, in this half-baked manner, by raising the ante to 70.She impressed everyone with her businesslike manner.The doctor had a relaxed and friendly manner.There was something spontaneous and lively in his manner of speaking that made whatever he was saying sound even better.Being a dedicated tough cookie, he has delivered the goods in impressive manner.She has a very pleasant manner.The driver's manner was very unfriendly.The manner is laconic yet earnest.In what manner the ensuing sacrifice and suffering benefits the protagonists is never satisfactorily explained.in the usual/normal etc mannerThe target may make the usual response just as if it had been charged in the normal manner.This is then processed in the normal manner.This can be done quickly in the following manner: Test the corneal reflexes and facial sensation in the usual manner.Any model struck by a cannon ball takes a strength 10 hit resolved in the normal manner.He may cast spells in the normal manner as described in Warhammer Battle Magic.These were fed into the system in the usual manner to create the required data base.Specific redundancies will be discussed with the unions in the normal manner.Candidates are advised to make application to the University in the normal manner for places on approved courses.