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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmanneredman‧nered /ˈmænəd $ -ərd/ adjective  1 well-mannered/bad-mannered etc2 PRETENDbehaviour, speech, or writing that is mannered is not natural and is intended to make people admire you – used to show disapproval Hickstone gave a very mannered performance in the lead role.
Examples from the Corpus
manneredIn contrast to Roberts, Henriksen is magnetic without being mannered.He was well educated, well mannered and as good a farmer as Eler had said.He had the power of his profession but was mild mannered and sincere by nature.And Moore, although mannered, builds just enough credibility to click in her role.It has evolved from the simplest folk through the mannered court and finally to the expert classical dance.The first impression is of a clean-cut man, graciously mannered, immaculately turned out.a mannered way of speaking
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