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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmannerismman‧ner‧is‧m /ˈmænərɪzəm/ noun [countable]  HABITa way of speaking or moving that is typical of a particular person He has the same mannerisms as his father.
Examples from the Corpus
mannerismBut his good-ore-boy mannerisms hide a keen sense of opportunity.This taught us how to tell what a person is feeling by merely observing their body language and facial mannerisms.Pidgeon's bizarrely flat mannerisms and speaking style make her the perfect mouthpiece for Mamet's best lines.Their characters are very alike in mannerisms and quirks as well as in their shyness and innocence.Before you go to an interview, ask yourself whether you have any irritating mannerisms such as saying 'you know' all the time.Too many mannerisms, too little Dave.Yet I could see in Shelley some of Victor's nervous mannerisms.But outsiders might find his pronounced mannerisms and affectations odd, and thus they might reject him.All the kids imitated Mr Pearce's mannerisms.Voice, mannerisms, facial expressions, are all wholly repulsive.
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