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manorman‧or /ˈmænə $ -ər/ noun [countable]  1 (also manor house)TBDH a big old house with a large area of land around it2 SCLthe land that belonged to an important man, under the feudal system3 British English informalSCP the area that a group of police officers are responsible for syn patch, turf
Examples from the Corpus
manorThe hotel was a converted manor house.I felt restless, uneasy in that haunted, creaking manor house.The Templars first built it as a fortified manor but later generations had embellished it to make it more comfortable.Parish councils were set up in 1894 and superseded parish vestries, which had in turn supplanted manor courts.A window hanging twitched in the manor house, but the only person to reappear in the yard was the young squire.But whoever the mystery buyer is, the manor will remain closed to the public.The Roman Research Trust says the publicity from the case helped to sell the manor for more than the reserve price.Tsarina to the manor returns.
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