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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmanorialma‧no‧ri‧al /məˈnɔːriəl/ adjective [only before noun]  relating to a manor a study based on manorial records
Examples from the Corpus
manorialIt has a fine collection of manorial and local government records, and its archive of fens drainage papers is unique.Recent ideas suggest that any late Saxon hamlet or earlier manorial centre might be expected to have its own church.They include parchment and paper rolls prepared by receivers, manorial court officials and other functionaries.The courtyard was overlooked by the lancet windows of the manorial home itself, and a large chapel.In the 1890s the Kaszubians emerged from the fog of feudal serfdom and manorial labour.The enclosed fields of the manorial lord were known as the demesne.He continued to serve the Corbetts, for example, as manorial steward, after he had inherited the Newton freehold.In all, sixty-seven of the tenants named in this manorial survey held less than a half-yardland.
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