Date: 1500-1600
Language: Medieval Latin
Origin: mappa, from Latin, 'cloth, towel'


1 noun
map1 S2 W2 [countable]
1TC a drawing of a particular area for example a city or country, which shows its main features, such as its roads, rivers, mountains etc:
According to the map we should turn left.
I'll draw a map of where we live.
on a map
I'm just trying to find Vancouver on the map.
map of
a large-scale map of Mexico City
street/road/route map
a full colour street map of Amsterdam
Do you know how to read a map (=understand the information it gives)?
2 a drawing of an area showing some kind of special feature, for example the type of rocks, weather, population etc [= chart]:
an archaeological map of the area
the colour weather map in the newspaper
political map (=one showing where political parties have power, or where countries are)

put something on the map

to make a place famous:
It was the Olympic Games that really put Seoul on the map.

off the map

informal a long way from any large town:
It's a small place in Nebraska. Right off the map.

➔ wipe something off the map

at wipe1 (8)

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