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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmarathonermar‧a‧thon‧er /ˈmærəθɒnə $ -θɑːnər/ (also marathon runner) noun [countable]  someone who runs in a marathon an Olympic marathoner
Examples from the Corpus
marathonerEventually, I came to my senses and accepted that I was not fit enough to train like a 2:10 marathoner.He is tall, a marathoner, with salt-and-pepper short hair.For experienced marathoners, it could be qualifying for the Boston Marathon.A lot of marathoners are versatile runners.Olympic marathoner Ed Eyestone never runs more than six days a week, even when preparing for a marathon.From there, the 19,000-plus marathoners faced gradual uphill climbs until about mile 17.Yes, you guessed it, I am a sometime marathoner... that is, when there is time.David Tagg from the International Federation of Aromatherapists says there are a number of oils which could help weary marathoners.
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