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marbledmar‧bled /ˈmɑːbəld $ ˈmɑːr-/ adjective  1 Chaving an irregular pattern of lines and colours a marbled book cover marbled meat (=with lines of fat in it)2 made of marble the marbled hallway
Examples from the Corpus
marbledEarly maturing, prime marbled beef.Between head and pillow, a hard rectangle was interposed, the marbled cardboard of a notebook, sea-green.An old register, a large rectangular book with a marbled cover, rested on top of the desk.Fold into the semi-frozen purée to give a marbled effect.I gaped at the expansive marbled entryway, the elegant chandeliers, and white-tiled floors.a marbled floorIn the chest of drawers were notebooks, some bound in marbled paper, some in kid.a marbled silk scarfThe marbled staircase leads to 126 rooms and suites filled with period furniture.I had expected something like the Central Y, with high ceilings, impressive stone pillars, and marbled stairs.
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