2 noun
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march2 [countable]
1 an organized event in which many people walk together to express their ideas or protest about something:
The police decided not to ban the march.
protest/civil rights/peace etc march
I went on a lot of peace marches when I was a student.
2PM when soldiers walk with firm regular steps from one place to another:
The general led his forces on a long march southwards.

on the march

a) PMA an army that is on the march is marching somewhere
b) a belief, idea etc that is on the march is becoming stronger and more popular:
Fascism is on the march again in some parts of Europe.

a day's march/two weeks' march etc

the distance a group of soldiers can march in a particular period of time:
Lake Van was still three days' march away.

the march of time/history/progress etc

formal the way that things happen or change over time and cannot be stopped:
You can't control the march of science.
She was desperate to halt the march of time upon her face and figure.
6APM a piece of music for people to march to:
military marches
a funeral march


[plural]SG the area around the border between England and Wales or between England and Scotland

➔ steal a march on

at steal1 (8)

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