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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmarchermarch‧er /ˈmɑːtʃə $ ˈmɑːrtʃər/ noun [countable]  a member of a group of people that are walking somewhere in order to express their ideas or protest about somethingdemonstrator, protester civil rights marchers
Examples from the Corpus
marcherThe Rev. Jesse Jackson led 1000 marchers through downtown Detroit to protest state welfare cuts.The waiting area was overflowing, with more than 200 marchers anxiously expecting treatment.In Milan marchers flung raw meat through police lines, splattering restaurant windows with blood.To the police, the peace marchers were part of the menace.He had to protect King and the marchers.Here the marchers can drill up and down to their hearts' content.The second night the marchers showed up, the neighborhood mob grew to almost a thousand.A few times, the marchers halt for photo-calls.The marchers were showered with eggs and tomatoes, fire crackers and rocks.
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