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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmarchionessmar‧chio‧ness /ˌmɑːʃəˈnes $ ˈmɑːrʃənəs/ noun [countable]  1 POSITION/RANKthe wife of a marquis2 POSITION/RANKa woman who has the rank of marquis
Examples from the Corpus
marchionessShe wanted her daughter to be a marchioness, maintaining that there was nothing wrong with Virginia which marriage wouldn't cure.Go and visit the marchioness to-morrow and tell her the story.The marchioness had set out early, announcing she was going to visit friends near Yellowmead Down.
Marchioness, thethe MarchionessMarchioness, the  a large boat which had been rented for a private birthday party when it was hit by another boat and sunk in the River thames in London in 1989, killing 51 passengers. As a result of the accident, the rules for boats operating in the Thames were made stricter.
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