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margin for error

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmargin for errormargin for errorhow many mistakes you can make and still be able to achieve something At this late stage in the competition there is no margin for error. margin
Examples from the Corpus
margin for errorHer margin for error shrinks to two or three seconds.A birdie is rare indeed at Aldeburgh where there is virtually no margin for error, especially if the wind blows.That meant there was no margin for error.The margins for error on a smallholding are extremely narrow; only a skilled and diligent husbandman can hope to succeed.They repeat the errors of the past, until finally their margin for error has been all but eroded.Next week, with or without Young in the lineup, the 49ers know their margin for error will be dramatically reduced.The coaches want to call every play and reduce their margin for error.
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