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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmarginallymar‧gin‧al‧ly /ˈmɑːdʒənəl-i $ ˈmɑːr-/ AWL adverb  UNIMPORTANTnot enough to make an important difference syn slightly opp significantly Gina’s grades have improved marginally since last term. The new system is only marginally more efficient than the old one.
Examples from the Corpus
marginallyThe greatest hindrance to recovery of this resource is the marginally favorable economic environment.It can be contemporary or traditional, marginally functional or not functional at all.States could raise academic standards for some students and consign others to a new and marginally improved version of job training.Overall market share was marginally improved.Stock prices rose marginally in early trading today.The population of New Hampshire is only marginally larger than that of the city of Detroit.She knew only marginally more about him than she did about Bella.Bilk has now marginally slowed his playing activities in order to concentrate on a second love-painting.Note, too, that this size is marginally smaller than that for which you were asked to quote.The other tenured faculty, including those whom Gordon considered marginally sympathetic, would remain quiet or chip in their own criticisms.
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