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marigoldmar‧i‧gold /ˈmærəɡəʊld $ -ɡoʊld/ noun [countable]  HBPa plant with yellow or orange flowers
Examples from the Corpus
marigoldFlowers, especially marigolds, are also left at the grave.All foliage on leggy marginals such as marsh marigolds should also be cut back.A blue and red hand-painted signboard is hung over the entrance and a garland of marigolds placed around it.He's wearing a garland of marigolds and carrying a bowl of yellow rice grains.When I was settled, a shepherd brought a handful of marigolds which he strewed around me, then backed away.One vacation she was given a holiday job in the palace gardens, pricking out marigolds.His hair was marigolds or candle flames.His portrait and chair have been garlanded with marigolds and strewn with crimson rose petals.
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