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maritalmar‧i‧tal /ˈmærətl/ ●○○ adjective [only before noun]  SSFMARRYrelating to marriage marital problems the increase in marital breakdownmarital bliss (=the state of being very happily married – used humorously)
Examples from the Corpus
maritalFor an immigrant boy this marital alliance was no mean achievement.It wasn't what you would call marital bliss, but it was a good, solid marriage.Some married couples seem to endure, maybe even enjoy, marital brawls.And our soulless moments of marital disconnection have robbed her of the outright gaiety that once counterpointed these darker spells.The police have the power to stop people holding their marital disputes in public.The stress of the job causes marital problems for many police officers.These can be forms of avoidance that make it impossible for the couple to look at their marital problems.As children leave home marital satisfaction tends to pick up again.This was not a marital settlement agreement...True, unemployment has reached a record one-in-ten high, marital splits are up to one-in-three and the pound has been devalued.Age, sex and marital status all affect earnings and income.Many wives do not report acts of marital violence to the police.marital blissI am not suggesting that shared parenting ensures marital bliss.Tensions soon simmered beneath the impression of domestic harmony and marital bliss.Certainly they now boasted insistently of the marital bliss of their daughter and the solid Civil Service progress of their son.
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