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markdownmark‧down /ˈmɑːkdaʊn $ ˈmɑːrk-/ noun [countable]  BBTCHEAPa reduction in the price of somethingmark downmarkdown of a markdown of 15%
Examples from the Corpus
markdownGymboree Corp., the once-hot kids' clothing retailer, said same-store sales were down 19 %, despite markdowns.
From Longman Business Dictionarymarkdownmark‧down /ˈmɑːkdaʊnˈmɑːrk-/ (also mark-down) noun [countable]1COMMERCE the act of reducing the price of something, or the amount by which the price is reducedThe retailer’s losses come from clearance markdowns of goods.2FINANCE a fall in the price of shares, bonds etca $200 million markdown of a high-risk portfolio of shares of start-up companiesCreditors will have to take big markdowns (=accept them) from the face value of their bonds.3FINANCE a reduction in the RATING of bonds etc (=estimate of the risk that they will not be repaid)the rating agency’s markdown of the company’s commercial paper compare markup
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