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market price

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market priceˌmarket ˈprice noun [countable]  BBTthe price of something on a market at a particular time
Examples from the Corpus
market priceOnly a minority of properties are rented and few at a market price.In the former case there were no restrictions and thus land changed hands at the full market price.Disappointed by the low market price for fresh chiles, Tran turned his crop into more profitable hot sauce.Could this be the prevailing market price for corn?Again, it is the market price on the date of the breach which is important.
From Longman Business Dictionarymarket priceˈmarket price1[countable]FINANCE the price of something on a market at a particular timeThe price of A$6.75 for the new shares compares with Thursday’s closing market price of A$7.88.2[countable]ECONOMICS used to talk about the real price or cost of something that a market decides, rather than one calculated or fixed, for example by a governmentOPEC self-interest will ensure us of oil at market prices.3[countable]FINANCE the price of something calculated in relation to what buyers are willing to pay at a particular time, rather than in some other waymeasures forcing banks to value assets at market prices, rather than at their original cost price
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