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market researchˌmarket reˈsearch noun [uncountable]  BBTa business activity which involves collecting information about what goods people buy and why they buy them They had to conduct market research, then advertise the product.
Examples from the Corpus
market researchSo I called in a market research firm and commissioned a survey of the district.Indeed, read everything carefully, because this package is something new: a policy created by market research.Extensive market research revealed that the site was substantially undervalued and a more realistic figure would be well over £100000.The interviewers who work for market research companies are usually women who wish to work part-time.What are the particular problems in market research of recording respondent attitudes and opinions?On the strength of that market research, they moved to Boston.The market research company said domestic home sales will actually fall 2. 3 percent in 1998.
From Longman Business Dictionarymarket researchˌmarket reˈsearch (also marketing research), abbreviation MR MARKETING the activities involved in obtaining information about a particular market, including how much of a product is being sold, who is buying it, why they are buying it etc, or information about what people might buyMarket research showed ‘good potential’ for marketing the aftershave to Hispanic men.a marketing research company Concept testing is when groups of people who might buy a product are asked for their opinion about an idea for a product. A blind test is a way of testing a product in which people are asked to use the product and give their opinion about it without knowing the product’s name. A focus group is a group of consumers who are brought together to discuss their feelings and opinions about products, advertisements, and companies. Price elasticity tests are used to assess the degree to which a change in the price of something leads to a change in the amount of it that is sold. research
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