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market share

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmarket shareˈmarket share noun [countable, uncountable]  the percentage of sales in a market that a company or product has
Examples from the Corpus
market shareBeyond those, they cite the high costs of customer disaffection, which drives down both profit margins and market share.In a fight with other video chains for market share, Blockbuster spent heavily on advertising and promotion.Mr Petty is hoping to gain market share by lowering prices on popular menu combinations under a new three-tiered pricing program.New products and increased marketing activity are key to Waterford Crystal gaining market share at profitable margins.Lloyd's is keen not only to increase its market share but to broaden its spread of risks.Imperial's profits from cigarettes surged to £225m last year, while its market share remained buoyant.It has competition, but such a mammoth market share as to be a monopoly.The key to growth and stable employment will be through improving the international competitiveness and increasing the market share of our companies.
From Longman Business Dictionarymarket shareˈmarket share (also share) [countable, uncountable]MARKETING the percentage of sales in a market that a company or product hasThe company foresees improvement in profit this year through increasing its share of the California housing market.If the two companies’ market shares are combined, they’ll have 28% of the US market.Our strategy through the year was to maintain market share (=keep it at the same level) and control costs.Faced with declining (=decreasing) market share and falling profits, the firm laid off workers. share
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