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market value

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market valueˌmarket ˈvalue noun [countable, uncountable]  1 PEBBTthe value of a product, building etc based on the price that people are willing to pay for it, rather than the cost of producing it or building it2 the total value of all the shares on a stock market, or the value of a particular company’s shares
Examples from the Corpus
market valueThe indemnity only covers market value claims as at the date of exchange.In 1994, the Amex listed 39 new companies, with a mean market value of $ 90. 8 million.However, some companies in liberalized contexts are already facing shareholder discontent, collapse of market value and take-overs.Generally this must be not lower than cost or market value.The balance sheet that would be most useful to an investment analyst would be the market value balance sheet.The market value of the combined enterprise will be about $ 80 billion.
From Longman Business Dictionarymarket valueˌmarket ˈvalue1[countable, uncountable] how much people would be willing to pay for something, rather than a value calculated in another wayThe survey compared the market value of similar properties in different parts of the country.2[countable, uncountable]FINANCE the total value of all the shares on a stockmarket, or the value of the shares of a particular companyThe current market value of the firm’s equity finance is £1 million. value
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