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marshmallowmarsh‧mal‧low /ˌmɑːʃˈmæləʊ $ ˈmɑːrʃmeloʊ/ noun [countable, uncountable]  DFa very soft light white or pink sweet, made of sugar and egg white
Examples from the Corpus
marshmallowMy daughter feels as soft as a marshmallow, as warm as a hot-water bottle.The 30-to 45-minute ride sometimes includes a marshmallow toast at a bonfire.There was the big brass bed with its snowy white sheets, its marshmallow pillows and top-cover of fringed ivory lace.Don't worry if you can't buy any miniature marshmallows - cut the large ones into pieces with scissors.Pour the miniature marshmallows over the caramel until it is completely hidden.Uncle Sam brought out a box of marshmallows and some skewers.Fold together all the filling ingredients, taking care not to break up the marshmallows and banana slices.It was like eating very soft, uncooked marshmallow or egg pudding.
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