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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmartinetmar‧ti‧net /ˌmɑːtəˈnet $ ˌmɑːr-/ noun [countable]  formalSTRICT someone who is very strict and makes people obey rules exactly syn disciplinarian The woman in charge was a martinet who treated us like children.
Examples from the Corpus
martinetLady Hoby was also a martinet and believed that learning could only be achieved through hard work and discipline.Clarke could be a martinet, and as such was frequently a buffer for Alvin.Topaz had pictured her as tall and brawny as befitted a martinet.He may solve his problem, for example, by being a martinet.Only if you think the head porter is a martinet just wait until you meet Jacques, our maître chef de cuisine.Belle, on the other hand, was described by Robin's father as something of a martinet.The woman in charge was a martinet who treated all those beneath her like children.A typical Victorian martinet, he wore a tall hat all his life.
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