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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmartyredmar‧tyred /ˈmɑːtəd $ ˈmɑːrtərd/ adjective   a martyred look/expression/air etc
Examples from the Corpus
martyredHe did not reply, but got into the car glumly, with a martyred air.There, funerals for the martyred and the massacred have been a daily fact of life.The taste was too strong, and brought the memories of martyred animals into her mind.She was a small, emaciated mouse who wore a perpetually martyred expression.I gave the money to a thankfully dumb-struck fiddle-player on Sauchiehall Street and walked away feeling like some sort of martyred saint.He claims the Bishop justified his actions by talking about the suffering of martyred saints.A parade of martyred scientists would show by whose hands the real errors had been committed.
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