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MarxismMarx‧is‧m /ˈmɑːksɪzəm $ ˈmɑːr-/ noun [uncountable]  PPPRPthe system of political thinking invented by Karl Marx, which explains changes in history as the result of a struggle between social classes
Examples from the Corpus
MarxismAnd marxism? Marxism still remains the best map to post-modern times.This is a crusading, flamboyant Marxism, emphasising the role of the supposedly heroic and glamorous armed struggle.The image of mankind transforming nature-with its joint antecedents in Marxism and capitalism-is still dominant.The magazine Marxism Today did the same.Even the Euro-Communists of Marxism Today welcomed the end of the old order.Far into the next century, Du Bois lost support of many black church people when he espoused the creed of Marxism.The success of Marxism in the modern world is quite staggering.The Second International added to the theory of Marxism and built huge organizations.
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