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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary EnglishMarxistMarx‧ist1 /ˈmɑːksɪst $ ˈmɑːr-/ adjective  relating to or based on Marxism a Marxist perspective
Examples from the Corpus
MarxistWhat strengths do the Marxist approaches contain, whether they be structuralist or instrumentalist?Such an approach treads a thin line between the traditional pluralist and Marxist divide in media studies.In addition to this, the bureaucratic leaderships do not facilitate bringing revolutionary Marxist educational mate rial to the ranks.This discussion is informed by Marxist efforts to explain articulating modes of production in terms of the changing requirements of capital accumulation.One such is provided in recent Marxist literature.After all, one does not have to adopt a Marxist method in order to make statements about poverty, injustice or exploitation.The Leninist theory of capitalist expansionism is generally considered to be the orthodox Marxist position.
MarxistMarxist2 noun [countable]  someone who agrees with Marxism
Examples from the Corpus
MarxistIntellectuals play a correspondingly enlarged role in Gramsci's Marxism, which perhaps accounts for its popularity amongst academic Marxists.Clearly, the perspectives offered by Marxists can not be rejected.In the 1980s the open conflict predicted by Marxists did result, but it did not end as they hoped.Explaining how social and political cohesion is maintained despite capitalist crises is also critical for contemporary Marxists.Under feudalism, Marxists argue, the dominant mode of production was based on the ownership of land.Only a few Marxists raise fundamental doubt about Therborn's assumption above that in liberal democracy the exploiting minority rules through elections.By contrast, some Marxists are more inclined to emphasize capitalism's economic success in generating proletarian support.
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