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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmascotmas‧cot /ˈmæskət, -kɒt $ -kɑːt/ noun [countable]  SIGN/SYMBOLan animal or toy, or a person dressed as an animal, that represents a team or organization, and is thought to bring them good luck the official mascot of the 2002 World Cup Rocky the Raccoon, the team mascot
Examples from the Corpus
mascotJust the kind of marginal folk hero they would go and use as a mascot.Seemed to make a mascot of him: maybe they liked that country look about him.Also pictured with funnyman Les is Barnardos' best-known bear and official mascot, Barnaby.A paper suggested that, in keeping with the selection of the management team, Mickey Mouse should be adopted as the official mascot.The legal rave called Woodstock 2, promises to be an event on the scale of it's mascot.Hammer dressed as the school's mascot, Leo the Lion, for the big game.The organising committee has also issued a tender document calling for designs for the mascot of the games.Sugarpuss remained the mascot of the brothers and the select group of friends they allowed up the rope.team mascotTheir team-mates include Angus' nephew Donny, whose son Sean is the team mascot.
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