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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmashedmashed /mæʃt/ adjective  1 been pressed until is smooth mashed potatoes2 [not before noun] British English informal very drunk or strongly affected by drugs We got completely mashed last night.
Examples from the Corpus
mashedIf my chosen hookbait is bread then I make sure to use mashed bread in the groundbait mix.Top with instant mashed potato and brown under the grill.I was about to prepare a dessert of mashed potato, flavoured with an Oxo cube.Shape some of the mashed potato mixture around each sausage.Nothing to eat but instant mashed potato, pickles and maybe corned beef if you are lucky.Cover the fish completely with the mashed potatoes and smooth over with a fork.He ate the mashed potatoes but not the meat.We like simple things such as lamb and mashed potatoes.It was macaroni cheese and mashed potatoes.a spoonful of mashed swede

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