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MasonicMa‧son‧ic /məˈsɒnɪk $ -ˈsɑː-/ adjective  SSOinvolved or connected with Freemasonry a Masonic lodge
Examples from the Corpus
MasonicShe saw the teeming clutter of squalling children, the routine combat at the corner of Masonic and Golden Gate Avenue.According to clerical conservatives, liberalism was nothing but a permanent Masonic conspiracy.The squat cupola has fan-shaped windows, and the all-seeing eye in the centre of its ceiling suggests a certain Masonic influence.They blended in like Dolly Parton in a Masonic lodge.Maybe it held some Masonic significance I didn't recognise.The building, formerly a Masonic temple, stood twelve stories.a Masonic templeThe boys of the Haight would cross the park on Masonic, unconsciously walking closer to each other.
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