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masonryma‧son‧ry /ˈmeɪsənri/ noun [uncountable]  1 TITBthe bricks or stone from which a building, wall etc has been made Several people were buried under falling masonry.2 TBthe skill of building with stone
Examples from the Corpus
masonryAlso inside the defences in Tibbet's Close was a sequence of timber-framed buildings, with another masonry building nearby.For the outside walls, he used cinder-block masonry, with a patented concrete stucco sprayed on.His masonry company in Payson is gone.Massive masonry was also encountered when the railway bridge was constructed further north still of the modern road bridge.In Gothic cathedrals the light flows up to dominate the downward flow of masonry.Nature can reclaim an entire farm in 14 years and leave nothing behind but the masonry.On the south side of the house the masonry had fallen off completely.Even if the masonry wall is so unstable it is moving, it can be repaired and the walls made safe.They can be fixed directly to masonry.
MasonryMasonry noun [uncountable]  Freemasonry
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