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mass-producedˌmass-proˈduced adjective  TIFproduced in large numbers using machinery, so that each object is the same and can be sold cheaplymass production mass-produced furnituremass-produce verb [transitive]
Examples from the Corpus
mass-producedMany of these were virtually mass-produced.The bike is the first mass-produced bicycle to boast full front and rear suspension.It is a championship for high-performance mass-produced cars which are sold in the United States.Even within the world of mass-produced culture, it is possible to approach the question of standardization differently.Park provided cheap loans and tax benefits to nurture Daewoo and a few other businesses into conglomerates that mass-produced for export markets.No, mass-produced reproductions - as distinct from limited edition - prints seldom if ever rise in value.Because coins were mass-produced they can often be accurately dated, in the ways described in Chapter 2.
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