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mass production

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmass productionˌmass proˈduction noun [uncountable]  when products are made in large numbers by machines so that they can be sold cheaplymass-produced
Examples from the Corpus
mass productionCompetition and mass production is now changing that.Meanwhile, Arnold continued to hone his skill at mass production.The leisure activity for the home was supported by mass production and an army of employees-mostly women.Eli Whitney, famous for the cotton gin, also developed mass production techniques for muskets.A combination of mass production and the internal combustion engine was responsible for the Allied victory.The years 1880 to 1930 were shaped by the spread of electric power, mass production, and democracy.The mass production and marketing of family food expresses the dissolution of domesticity as a way of life.The problem came with mass production and distribution of the vaccine.
From Longman Business Dictionarymass productionˌmass proˈduction [uncountable]MANUFACTURING when products are made in large numbers by machines, so that they can be produced cheaplyThe new model will become cheaper with mass production.The technique developed by Matsushita brings the mass-production cost down to under £3.00 per watt. production
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