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mass transit

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmass transitˌmass ˈtransit noun [uncountable] technical  methods of transport by which large numbers of people can travel around a city The city has virtually no mass transit.
Examples from the Corpus
mass transitInstead of better mass transit, they try to make cars a bit more efficient.Although the commute takes 80 minutes by mass transit, he uses the time to catch up on his reading.Given Tucson's low-density development, creating an affordable and effective mass transit system remains a nearly insurmountable challenge.In mass transit, private bus companies spend considerable sums to influence legislatures, to get and keep their contracts.If there were a comprehensive, integrated mass transit system here, fewer people would drive their own cars.Cindy was at home with the children and George worked as a driver for the local mass transit authority.Today, Los Angeles has virtually no mass transit.Air travel was growing rapidly, while the role of mass transit on the ground was shrinking almost everywhere.
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