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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmassedmassed /mæst/ adjective [only before noun]  TOGETHERin a large groupmassed ranks/forces I look around me at the massed ranks of reporters.massed choir/band British English (=several choirs or bands singing or playing together as one large group)
Examples from the Corpus
massedIt was a symbolic moment, duly captured and enshrined by the massed bank of press photographers.They cut a swathe through the massed black-clad warriors, and then turning swiftly trampled back over their disorganized ranks.A massed choir of anti-cuts protesters drowns speeches.Planted in groups, the massed effect is quite stunning and rivals any massed Herbaceous border for elegance and appeal.She saw the leather coffer, with its massed jewellery ...Instead, the pitch was taken over by massed Southend fans demanding the resignation of chairman Vic Jobson.They are agreed, or vetoed, by the massed staff of the university known as Congregation.massed choir/bandA massed choir of anti-cuts protesters drowns speeches.The part-time volunteers have been sounding retreat with the massed bands of the Light Division.Rostra on different levels denoted the central acting area, with massed choirs on one side.

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