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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmassifmas‧sif /ˈmæsiːf $ mæˈsiːf/ noun [countable]  DGa group of mountains forming one large solid shape
Examples from the Corpus
massifThe contrast between this area and the Tibesti and Ahaggar massifs is enormous.Looking across to the open plateau of the Cairngorm massif.Lafaille's climbs give vivid illustration that adventure can still be found, even in the world's most crowded massif.But all of this is only the aboveground portion of the great massif that is City College.We flew alone in the valley between Pleime and the massif, moving small patrols to new locations.At Mount Olympus, the highest point of the massif, mantle rock is visible.The valley from the hill to the massif was all flat plains covered with elephant grass.
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