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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmassivemas‧sive /ˈmæsɪv/ ●●● S2 W3 adjective  1 BIGvery large, solid, and heavy The bell is massive, weighing over 40 tons. the castle’s massive wallssee thesaurus at big2 BIGunusually large, powerful, or damaging My phone bill was massive last month. massive increases in the number of homeless Club members can get a massive discount of £50.massive stroke/heart attack etc He suffered a massive stroke.massive argument/row etc British English I had a massive argument with her.3 British English informal extremely good Listen to this. It’s a massive song.massively adverb The president was massively popular.
Examples from the Corpus
massiveHer house is massive.The system is capable of recording massive amounts of information.From inside they hear a massive and hysterical scream of the friends letting out their true feelings.I had a massive argument with Vicky yesterday.Gradually the new global masterplan is falling into place: a series of massive bilateral trade agreements are being struck.There is a massive file cabinet stuffed with documents so old and densely packed they may be ready to ignite spontaneously.There is massive investment in disease and mortality which the system protects by distracting people's attention from it.Union leaders are warning of massive job losses.The sums involved are massive -- over £12 billion in the first year alone.The most influential critics were either misanthropic or committed to the need for massive reform.Oswald lay still, aware of a drone in the block, a heaving breath, grimness, massive sleep.The ancient temple's massive stone pillars had begun to crumble.His quarter-measures have brought higher prices, and also provoked massive strikes, but without any prospect of stabilising the economy.a massive tax billBut de Lattre, personally taking charge, flew in reinforcements and mustered every available aircraft to bomb the massive Vietminh formations.massive argument/row etcAt the time we didn't have massive arguments about it.The potential for a massive row like that over the community charge was immense.
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