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master craftsman/chef/plumber etc

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmaster craftsman/chef/plumber etcmaster craftsman/chef/plumber etcsomeone who is very skilled at a particular job, especially a job that involves working with your hands a society of master chefs master
Examples from the Corpus
master craftsman/chef/plumber etcThe knight speaks for the landed interest, the merchant for international trade, and the capper for the working master craftsman.His problem was solved by Bill Bird, a master craftsman, based at Blockley in Gloucestershire.Better-heeled artificers must almost certainly have been master craftsmen employing labour themselves.I., will resume its master chefs series in the autumn.Some became apprentices who worked beside a master craftsman to become competent in their field.Here passengers ate delicacies prepared by a master chef under an arched ceiling of embossed leather and oil paintings.A society of master chefs was formed to achieve professional status similar to that of doctors or lawyers for its members.They work under the supervision of a Meister, a master craftsman who also is a skilled teacher.
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