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master plan

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmaster planˈmaster plan noun [countable usually singular]  PLANa detailed plan for controlling everything that happens in a complicated situation The job losses were part of a master plan aimed at transforming the structure of the company. a master plan to modernize the health care system
Examples from the Corpus
master planThe challenge Chapter 4 will provide you with an opportunity to create a master plan from what you have learned.None the less, start out with a master plan and wherever possible, use it.The state recently unveiled its master plan for higher education.And so they moved, with no master plan in mind, first to their small flat in Brussels.Not a secret master plan on the part of the Emperor - but a dagger aimed at his heart?If he was briefly waylaid by the hippie years, he quickly put the master plan back into action.The master plan was scheduled to be implemented in 1975.The master plan will determine what kind of fees users will be charged for such amenities.
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