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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmasterfulmas‧ter‧ful /ˈmɑːstəfəl $ ˈmæstər-/ adjective  1 CONTROLcontrolling people or situations in a skilful and confident way Klein handled the situation in a masterful way.2 GOOD ATdone with great skill and understanding syn masterly a masterful analysis of the textmasterfully adverb Jack strode masterfully into the room.
Examples from the Corpus
masterfulIn fact, taken in her own schlocky context, she is masterful.Sir Humphrey's closing speech was masterful.I think he's just got a marginal talent he's masterful at exploiting.Jenkins was masterful at maintaining his complicated life.The Reagan White House was masterful at this kind of effort.Of course, some of the most powerful political regimes are masterful at using both illusion and coercion.Rembrandt is famous for his masterful contrast of light and darkness.He writes with masterful facility, and succeeds in making his subject accessible to an audience of non-specialists without patronising their intelligence.He was also a masterful legislative tactician.With the Clintons, such masterful performances can seem surreal, since they inevitably unfold against a backdrop of turmoil and controversy.
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