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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmasterlymas‧ter‧ly /ˈmɑːstəli $ ˈmæstərli/ adjective  GOOD ATdone or made very skilfully syn masterful He gave a masterly display in round one of the World Chess Championship.
Examples from the Corpus
masterlyThe Council was funded by central and local government, its statements were often masterly.He handled the many questions in masterly fashion, particularly the probing questions from Cocello.McGinniss writes in a masterly fashion.There was, it seemed, nothing more that they could do here, in the face of this masterly inactivity.A masterly set, bringing years of rocking experience to a daring range of tunes.It is a short step from here to the dramatic parallelism associated with a masterly speech maker.The Schumann Fantasia in C is a masterly work written in homage to Beethoven.
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