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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmasterstrokemas‧ter‧stroke /ˈmɑːstəstrəʊk $ ˈmæstərstroʊk/ noun [countable]  SUCCEED IN DOING somethinga very clever, skilful, and often unexpected action that is completely successful That ad campaign was an absolute masterstroke.masterstroke of a masterstroke of diplomacy
Examples from the Corpus
masterstrokeAt the time it looked like a masterstroke, a piece of breath-taking audacity.His action may prove a masterstroke of symbolism.It proved a masterstroke despite the 20-18 defeat.Fred Plumb now pulled a masterstroke.His Ministers are telling him it's a masterstroke.Undeterred by the understandable timidity of his acquaintances, Goma hit upon a masterstroke of irony.Politically, it was a masterstroke that rivaled Nixon's visit to China.The President glowed with pride and a sense of accomplishment after this masterstroke of personal diplomacy.
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